First Acceptances of 2012

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Mary Stone Dockery, the guest editor for the next issue of The Medulla Review, telling me she wanted to accept my poem, “Pygmalion Makes a Woman.” At The Pinch, we are generally pithy when it comes to acceptances: “We received your piece titled ________. We really loved it and would love to publish __________ if it’s still available.” This particular editor included why she selected my poems: “I think this piece will fit nicely with the Medulla aesthetic. I especially love the strangeness of the poem, the way this character is so new and imaginative. Well done on the imagery and pulling the reader in – you have done a great job here.” Not only was I super-excited about the acceptances, but also about her comments!

“Pygmalion Makes a Woman” I wrote six days ago (draft process here). This poem really attracted me once I got it on the page, so I kept fiddling with form and finally gave it one that shuttled back and forth across the page. This was one of those poems that felt really “complete” soon after I got done playing with the form. I rarely encounter poems that seem to feel done so soon, so I figured it needed some time to percolate a bit more. Medulla happens to really like imaginative, surrealist, or experimental poetry, so I included it in my submission that I sent off four days ago for the heck of it.

I’m really pleased to be included in the next issue of The Medulla Review, and I look forward to the rest of what 2012 has for me! Here’s to hoping it does for all of you too!

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