Working more on Predator’s Tongue

Last week, I was the most ill I’ve been in my entire life. I have since learned that I have a benign tumor that needs to be removed and that my gall bladder isn’t processing as it should, so I need to have surgery and change my diet. Thankfully, the rest of me is beginning to feel normal, so my writing and all that entails can resume.

I got my thesis draft(Predator’s Tongue) back from my adviser yesterday, and I need to do more organizing and tweaking. Overall, I’m pretty annoyed with the idea of revising it again. The last couple of days I’ve been doing more research into several of the lesser known Ancient Greek myths, and I’m discovering this slew of myths where the Gods took pity on some woman and turned her into a tree (Please God(s), do not take pity on me and turn me into a tree. Teleport me to some gorgeous island first.), and I’m more interested in writing poems about those scenarios instead of trying to reform this mish-mash of farm/myth/realistic poems. I really just want to cut out all of the realistic poems and work on combining the myth poems I’m writing now with the more mythic poems from this  manuscript. My adviser suggested that I just do a little tweaking to make the more realistic poems a little more mythic/fairy-tale-ish, but I’m not all that interested at the moment.

I guess I’m coming to impasse when it comes to this project. My original intention was to have a really polished manuscript by the time I graduated that I could immediately start sending out. Right now, I think it needs some more work and some more time. It may even need some more forming as I think several of the poems need to be replaced, so the overall manuscript has much stronger veins. We’ll see how the process goes. I may just be despondent because I’ve been ill, this is my last semester, and all that needs to be done between now and April seems a bit overwhelming. I have another meeting with my adviser tomorrow, and we’ll see how I optimistic I feel after that.

In other news, the set of poems I worked on for non-simultaneous submissions that I talked about here has already come back to me from Beloit Poetry Journal with a kind rejection. Not only are they amazingly efficient, BPJ also gives little personal notes about each submission, which is always nice. I was a little disheartened to get their rejection (mostly because I also got three other ones in the same day), but I did what I set out to do, I immediately turned around and sent the work off to North American Review. Right now, I’m doing a lot of waiting as my fiction is tied up in top-tier journals, and a lot of my poetry is tied up at a lot of different places at the moment. We’ll see what turns up!

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