Drafting: “Mara and Electrus”

I can thank today’s draft to a friend of mine. I’ve been exploring new ways of incorporating myths into my poetry, and this person made the suggestion of playing around with creating modern myths. I was already thinking of writing some comic book myth poems, like the Spider to Peter Parker, to play on a different set of mythologies. His suggestion was to think about Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, which has new gods, new myths. He then made the suggestion that I think about creation myths, like why do electronics always make that buzzing sound that you can hear when you enter a room?

Then, last night, even though I wasn’t intending on taking time out to write this morning, I thought of a scene for a poem: a girl is grief-stricken and starts killing crabs to reveal the blue inside of their shells, the same color as her lover’s eyes. While I didn’t see how the buzzing part and this crab-killing girl could come together, I decided to try anyway.

Right now, the poem is in prose form, which I may play around with later. The beginning is the typical myth opening, so I thought I’d cut to the scene where she’s killing the crabs:

“Humming, she picked apart their shells to see the insides painted like sky, the only thing close enough to the shade of his eyes. She hummed and littered the beach with their muscular legs.”

The rest of the poem explains how she slowly wastes away into nothing. The gulls take up the note she always hummed and mourn her in their own way. When her lover later makes electricity, he embeds her sad lilting note into it.

If anything, I’m really excited about how this set of poems is developing, and I can really see another manuscript forming.

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