AWP, Acceptances, & Other News

Yesterday, I spent the morning perusing the massive AWP schedule. I didn’t go to AWP last year in Washington D.C., and I don’t know if I’ll go next year when it’s in Boston, so I want to take full advantage of it while it’s in Chicago, one of my favorite cities. There’s at least four different exhibits I’d like to attend each time slot, and I found myself scheduling for every section every day regardless of the fact that I’ll need to be able to do things like eat, sleep, attend off-site readings, etc.

This is the first year I’ll be attending with no real affiliation. I don’t have to volunteer at The Pinch booth, so I don’t have to schedule my time around anything other than The Pinch and The Normal School party Friday night.

I also get the opportunity to room with the wonderful writer, Courtney Santo, who, I imagine, will blow up the world once her book hits the shelves.

An AWP newbie? Heed this advice!

I’m grateful to announce that Spillway Magazine has accepted my poem, “Ms. Fox,” and Crab Creek Review has accepted my poems, “Daughter” and “Myrrh.” I’m grateful to my workshop group that helped me make “Myrrh” a little more concise and fiddle with the language a bit more. Crab Creek Review is a journal I’ve really wanted to get into because they publish some amazing work, and I’m so glad they accepted my pieces.

Crab Creek Review‘s acceptance also reinforced how important it is that we respond to personalized rejections in the time indicated and direct the submission to the person (if they’re named) that wrote it. I had sent a submission to CCR in the fall and received a personalized rejection from the poetry editor, who encouraged me to send work after the first of the year. I made a note in my phone to remind me to do so. When the reminder popped up, I put together another packet similar to what she had liked before, thanked her for her nice comment , and mentioned that I hoped she would find something she could use in this new packet. She came back with wanting a poem from the new packet (“Daughter”), and then asked if they could also publish a poem that had been in my first packet (“The Tanner’s Wife”). That particular poem had already been accepted elsewhere, so I asked if she was interested in seeing some new work if she wanted to publish a second poem. I sent her a new packet, and she accepted “Myrrh”! Woo!

The last bit to announce is that I heard back from Kenyon (which I talked about applying to here). I wasn’t a finalist, so I didn’t get invited to an interview, but they encouraged me to apply again next year and submit to The Kenyon Review. I was disappointed by the news, but not really devastated. Since I got sick and am now having to deal with planning for a surgery and moving my life around that, I really had little desire to pick up my life in August and move it to Ohio. Things really do happen for the best. I’ve applied for some other things, and I’ll see how those go.

Hope to see you at AWP! Keep writing!

3 thoughts on “AWP, Acceptances, & Other News

  1. Yay! I’m so happy for you on the acceptances. You make it seem so easy : )

    About Boston next year, have you ever been there? If not, go and make a side trip to Concord for Walden Pond and the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, and Amherst for the Emily Dickinson homestead. And Italian food at the North End in Boston. Clam chowder anywhere. I want to go back! It’s so lovely and historical.

    1. I have never been to Boston, but I’ve always wanted to! I also just realized that since I won’t be a student next year, it’ll cost me like $200 to register for the conference ($160 more than if I could register as a student), so /probably/ not going for the conference.

      If I go to Boston period, I will definitely take you up on your suggestions!

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