AWP Chicago 2012

I’ve been so excited/nervous/stressed out about AWP that I haven’t even been able to blog (let alone write or work on my thesis…)! The last time I went to AWP was when it was in Denver, two years ago, and it was my first time. I was a newb, and I remember wandering around in a cocoon of fog. There were all these people with names that now had faces. It was probably like going to the Oscars for some people.

I went to a lot of panels–some helpful, some not. I saw a lot of people read that I now love (James Allen Hall, Nicky Beer, Bruce Bond, Tom Franklin). I bought a lot of books and brought home a ton of free journals. I skipped out on the famous Pinch party because I was too tired.

This year, I’m not planning much. I know I will be going to The Pinch/The Normal School Party Friday night. I know I’ll probably attend a few, as-yet-determined panels and book signings (Bruce Bond and Nicky Beer will be signing at The Pinch‘s table!). I know I’ll be attending Margaret Atwood’s keynote address. I’ll be stopping by The Los Angeles Review, Gristand Booth  tables to pick up my contributor copies.

Here’s some links on some other things to do this year:

NANO Fiction is hosting a AWP Photo Scavenger Hunt

PANK has some great panels and readings to go to, plus a Literary Death Match, Journal Porn Edition!

Michael Nye, editor for The Missouri Review, makes some suggestions here.

For the newbies, here’s a post for you.

Tin House also offers a field guide for newbies and jaded old-timers alike here.


AWP is nearly here! Time for writerly abandon! Hope to see you all there!

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