Post-Op Update & Acceptances!

For my readers who have kept up with my surgery process, my surgery was on Friday, and it went perfectly. While they told me I might have to stay a night, I was released the same day because it went so well. I then came home and wrote 10 pages of creative nonfiction. I’ve never really written CNF before, but I imagine the drugs I was coming off of might have had something to do with that…Since then, it’s been an uphill battle. The pain is manageable on Advil now, but whenever it wears off during the night, I wake up sweating and nauseous, so I’ve been sleeping only in spurts.

BUT, to make up for all this PAIN has been all the ACCEPTANCES I’ve gotten lately! So excited!

Meg Cowen, a staff member of Noctua Review, a little journal out of Southern Connecticut State University, graciously asked if I would submit work, and they accepted my poem, “The Salt Miner’s Wife.”

[PANK] Magazine, a journal I’m so in love with (I even bought one of their t-shirts while I was at AWP and then wore it three days in a row…no joke), who have sent me several encouraging rejections, sent me an e-mail early this morning saying they want to publish THREE of my poems in their June online issue. They took “Size,” a poem I wrote last fall that I’ve worked on a lot, as well as “Persephone Writes to Her Mother” (which I talk about drafting here) and “Daphne as  a Housewife” (which I talk about drafting here). Many thanks to Peggy for her suggestions on rewriting “Daphne as a Housewife.” I really think that pronoun change and the little line edits she suggested helped with this acceptance!

Finally, Fjords Review, a beautiful journal whose editor I had the pleasure of meeting at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville last fall, has accepted my poem, “Philomela” for publication in their Fall 2012 issue.

This many acceptances in just two days? I need to have surgery more often…

I hope you all are doing well! Keep submitting. You never know when the good news will hit.

11 thoughts on “Post-Op Update & Acceptances!

  1. Congratulations on your acceptances! It is so wonderful to have something to lift your spirits. I also wanted to let you know that I am still praying for you my friend. Keith

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