Drafting: “Love Fevers”

Thank goodness for small victories. After what’s felt like a long hiatus from writing, a poem came to me and I spent the rest of the morning happily working on it.

I wish I knew where exactly I got the idea for this poem, but I must have been in a mood: a woman takes part in the murder of her husband’s ex-girlfriend because his ex “loved him too much.”

It begins,

“The man you love ties his lovelorn ex to the back
of your wedding carriage, slaps the horses.”

Throughout the rest of the poem, the wife becomes more and more obsessed and crazy with her husband and more and more like his ex.

I originally wrote this in the first person, but I wanted to create a little distance, so I chose the “you” pronoun instead.  This made it seem like someone was making “suggestions” or directives for the wife to follow. After fiddling with the form a bit, I decided on six couplets with the last line by itself:

“Your longing, too, a madness.”

Poetry, I missed you!

How has your writing ritual been?

7 thoughts on “Drafting: “Love Fevers”

  1. ah this reminds me of how i haven’t been writing this month, yipes! grading, morning sickness and holiday busy-ness has eaten up my writing time. i’ve started reading a bit again though, and took a few notes yesterday—baby steps?

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