2013 Goals


Last year, I made a set of writing goals for myself. Out of the five, I met two respectively and three if I’m fudging a bit. I got one of my fiction stories published. I got published in three of the journals my heart leaps for joy over ([PANK], CutBankand Third Coast), and I sort of kept up my writing ritual (this is the one I’d have to fudge on).

Here are my goals for 2013:

#1. Get my poetry manuscript, Swallow Tongue, accepted for publication. (Completing it in 2012 and having just done a major revision on it, this is a fantasy goal and may be on my goal list for years to come. Regardless, I want to put it out to the universe that it’s something I want and see what the universe has to say about it.)

#2. Get one of my creative nonfiction essays accepted for publication. (I was super surprised last year when in November, after working my butt off for a year editing and excising and submitting, I finally got notice that PANK had accepted one of my fiction stories for publication. A month and a day shy of 2013, but I still met that goal! Getting a fiction story published seemed like a nearly impossible goal, something I could only dream might happen. This year, I’m going to try the same with creative nonfiction. I wrote three essays in 2012 and with this goal in mind, I can definitely work on them and see what happens!)

#3. Write 30 50 poems. (Last year, I wrote 25 poems. This year I want to try for more. I also like that this goal has a specific number.)

#4. Submit high. (My submitting process is holding pretty steady, and I just want to continue to submit to journals that daunt me with how cool they are. Maybe one day I’ll grace their pages.)

#5. Do something special just for my writing. (While last year I set a goal to get into Bread Loaf, I probably won’t be applying this year. I need to reserve my vacation for spending time with my two best friends who happen to live in two different states. Maybe I’ll be able to attend a conference or a retreat, but I want to leave myself open to exploring other writing things, like doing a poem-a-day for some length of time, which I’ve never been brave enough to do before.)

While I didn’t meet all of my goals last year, I made some big strides, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this next year pans out.

What are your literary goals for 2013?

12 thoughts on “2013 Goals

  1. These are great goals– it helps me to write out specifically what I want to achieve so I try to do this too ever year. I am hoping to publish my book, submit my work whenever I receive a rejection so I always have stuff out, keep at least one evening a week for writing and write 20 poems. I typically aim to write more than that but with baby number two on the way I wan to give myself some grace this year 😉

    1. Man, the fact that you’re aiming to write 20 poems when you’ve got a child and another one on the way makes my 30 poems in a year seem /way/ too modest. Maybe I should push for 50 (a number I’ve never even close to done…)! Good luck on your goals!!

      1. lol I probably won’t hit that number–I’ve thought about reducing it to 15, but we’ll see what I get done between now and June!

  2. Hello, Tara. I have my fingers crossed for success on your goals. My list looks like this: 1) Post to my blog more frequently and consistently—a goal of once/week or at minimum, every other week, whether anyone is reading and commenting or not. 2) Comment on the blogs of others in meaningful ways—frequency? Send Support Out into the universe—writers need to do that for each other. 🙂 3) Poet Tweet at least three times per week. 4) Write enough new poems for my Dear M. poem postcard series to make a chapbook, at least. 5) Submit said chapbook to at least 3 contests. 6) Send poetry submissions out to 5-6 different venues per month. 7) Do a podcast . I think this list is ambitious, but do-able. Let the games begin!

    1. Hey Melissa! Wow. You’ve got some great goals! I especially like the one about commenting on the blogs of other poets. I too think it’s really important to build a community and support one another! This work is so hard, and we do need each other. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  3. you have a blunted edge, and i just grew physically ill after finding this blog–the secret playpen of a kindergarten teacher–and then seeing your publication credits for this past year. i am going to smash my computer and yell at my small, shy dog now. i have to go wake him up. it is 4:30am.

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