An Unofficial Poem-A-Day Thing & Drafting: “After the Dragging,” “Wrapping,” & “Bobby Pins”

One of my 2013 goals was to “do something special just for my writing.” I decided, very unofficially, to start a poem-a-day thing for some length of time on January 1st.

Three days in, and I’ve got three little drafts. They feel little because their stories seem somehow incomplete and very poorly told.

Just for my sake, I will include draft processes here for a bunch at a time, but I’m pretty embarrassed by these. I don’t even really want to say that I’m writing a poem-a-day for some length of time because the should committee goes off on my head: “these little drafts should be MASTERFUL WORKS OF ART!” “these little drafts should have better inspirational processes!” “these little drafts should have structure and form…” (I know, ugh.)

As I’m drafting, I’m just grabbing at inspirations as I go along. One started from lines I wrote down over a month ago that I wanted to fold into a poem. One is just a scenario. Another is something taken from my own life that itches me as being “too intimate.” But, I’m writing (this requires a closed fist pushed into the air)!

Here are the processes and descriptions. They don’t currently have titles, so I’m making these up on the fly.

Draft One (“After the Dragging”): The last poem I drafted was about a woman who gets dragged behind a wagon. This poem used that as a starting point of what it would be like to attend someone’s funeral after they’d been dragged to death and wonder how the mortician was able to fix some of the…ahem…damage done by being dragged. Most of the poem now is a musing about her body and remembering how her body looked right after being dragged vs. how she now looks in a coffin. I ended up not knowing where to go once the musing was up, like who’d be so morbid and awful to stand at someone’s open coffin and think these things? So then I decided to make the voice be that of the townspeople and maybe she was a witch or something, so they felt justified in murdering her…I don’t know. That’s just where it went. Maybe it’ll make more sense once I come back to it…

Draft Two (“Wrapping”): This poem I started writing after watching part of the movie BraveI really wasn’t expecting that movie to be so focused on a mother-daughter relationship, so this poem became about that. I translated the mother into a more physically violent one and made the daughter older. The daughter is now trying to take care of her elderly mother when they had a pretty messed-up past. I also ended up using the word “bulb” quite frequently because I think I liked how it sounded at that moment.

Draft Three (“Bobby Pins”): This poem is mostly a scene: a man helping a woman take out the bobby pins in her hair. Then it goes all sentimental and philosophical talking about how relationships are built generally the same way: some parts are hidden as the hair is hidden and placed and coaxed with the bobby pins and you have to reveal the truth just as reveal each strand of hair a bobby pin at a time…Ugh. I try to avoid these kind of poems, but what can I say? It’s what came out.

On to more poem-ing tomorrow (maybe?).

2 thoughts on “An Unofficial Poem-A-Day Thing & Drafting: “After the Dragging,” “Wrapping,” & “Bobby Pins”

  1. I usually do the Poem A Day Challenge during National Poetry Month in April…it helps to have prompts….if you look at Robert Brewster’s blog in the archives you could perhaps use some of his from past months. 🙂

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