How to draft a poem when you’re doing an unofficial poem-a-day thing

1. Forget you’re supposed to write a poem until it’s 10 o’clock at night and you’re driving home from a dinner with friends.

2. Dictate a poem about a chic with curled snake hair using an app on your phone.

3. Read what you’ve written so far while you’re at a stop light. See that it turned “her fists” to “Hurfus,” “lied” to “delighted” and “branch” to “ranch home.”  Don’t be amused or inspired by these changes. Also, don’t let anyone think you’re texting; that’s illegal.

4. Get home and open your computer to type up your poem.

5. Get on Facebook instead.

6. Watch a youtube video of a choreographed father-daughter wedding dance.

7. Read something that makes you embarrassingly weepy.

8. After an hour passes by, open up Word on your computer.

9. Write about a guy named Hurfus.

10. Write about Medusa. 

11. Go to a website where they have prompts. 

12. Start to write a poem based on one of the prompts.

13. Write this blog post instead.

14. Write a poem about a guy who loves a woman who doesn’t love him back.

15. Add in a bear somewhere.

16. Use the word “resolve” multiple times.

17.  Select a dramatic last word to close out the poem. “Pity” or “terror” would be appropriate.

18. Think of a title that plays on a word or words you’ve used in the poem and opens up the poem to speculative meanings. Example: “Revolution.”

19. Worry or don’t worry about line breaks.

20. Finito!

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