Doing Something Special for My Writing

One of my goals for the new year was to do something special just for my writing, whether it be writing a poem a day for a specific length of time or attending a conference or retreat.

As of January 1st, I’ve done an unofficial poem-a-day thing and it’s produced results: 6 days, 6 poems. After day three, the writing became a little easier. It was easier for me to dash words onto the page, and I was able to think of scenarios and leaps more, but it also became something I had to actively remember to do, like a chore. Then, on day four, I completely forgot I was supposed to write one until 10 o’clock at night (as evidenced here). I’ve also agreed to do a process thingy that might be too much, but might also be exactly what I need.

Here are the next three draft processes:

Draft Four (“Resolve”): A man is in love with a woman who he doesn’t trust and who also doesn’t love him back. This is my 11 o’clock at night omgwhydidntiremembertowritethisearlier? poem. It came out in prose form, and I left it that way. This one doesn’t really develop the real story until the end of the poem, so it’d need some re-working to make sense.

Draft Five (“Measures”): Another poem about a man loving a woman. And a prose poem too. This one was a lot easier to write and I really dig the story. A guy keeps a collection of compasses to navigate the plane of his lover’s body (“how far from her thumb to her nipple, her eye to her heart?”). It’s also very lyrical, which I don’t normally write, but I like in this instance. This is definitely one I’ll come back to.

Draft Six (“Gathering”): A mother tries to understand why her daughter is the way she is: angry, insolent, mournful. Another prose poem. This piece went really lyrical too. This might just be where these are going right now.

Another thing for my writing I’ve agreed to do is work through The Artist’s Way for twelve weeks. I really don’t quite know what I’ve signed up for, but I’ve purchased the book and I’m set to start the first journaling exercise later today. This book and the whole process has been recommended to me by a couple of creative types, and when a fellow poet e-mailed me yesterday to asked me if I’d be a part of the group, I nearly immediately said yes. My unofficial poem-a-day may come to an end since, I’ve read, I’ll need to hand-write three pages every day, but we’ll see. Maybe they’ll both work well together. Maybe I’ll give up writing and focus on The Artist’s Way and come out more amazing than ever after. Maybe I’ll flake out on doing both. Who knows? Let’s see what this new year brings.

Want to join The Artist’s Way group or do an unofficial poem-a-day thing with me? Any takers welcome!

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