Good News

I’ve gotten some good news over the last couple of days, which I’ve been itching to tell.


Fjords Review and [PANK] nominated two of my poems (“Philomela” and “Persephone Writes to Her Mother”) for possible inclusion in Best New Poets 2013. This is really exciting because I was planning on submitting to BNP’s Open Competition anyway, and those two nominations allow me to submit up to four poems to be considered for free!

The regular price for a submission of two poems is $4, and from previous years, a little less than half of the poems selected are often chosen from their Open Competition. For all poets that don’t have a book yet, this is an awesome opportunity to get your work published alongside other great new poets!


Waccamaw accepted my poem “Love Fevers” (draft notes here) to be included in their Spring 2013 issue! Last year started for me with a flurry of acceptances, but this is only my second poetry acceptance for this year, so I was super glad to get this one.


Hope you all have been doing well! Spring may be the time to get rolling with those submissions. 🙂

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