The Nature of Antique Stores

My husband and I love to antique, particularly at GIANT antique malls.

On our most recent vacation, I discovered amazingness.

In Leeds, AL is Bama Flea Mall and Antique Center.



And there, I found THIS.


Now it may not look like the most amazing thing ever, but it IS. I held it in my hand and wanted it more than anything in the world. The bonneted chic with a scythe? The little tree outlines? The price ($19.95) seemed way too high for a dish that was the size of my hand, so I put it back, but then found myself two aisles over turning around to go look at it again. It could hold my rings! Nuts! Slips of paper with wishes on it!

I came back to it a final time, and my husband suggested, “look it up on eBay.” If an item seems a little pricey, check out the price on eBay to see if it’s reasonable. I did and immediately found the exact same dish for $6 cheaper and free shipping. Bought, and that dish will soon be MINE MINE MINE!

The next place we stopped at was Big Peach Antiques Mall in Georgia.



I quickly fell in love with this head and purchased it immediately. It’s a phrenology head! Did you know that language is located beneath the left eye and destructiveness behind the left ear?? I needed to know both of those things.


You might be wondering, “What is she going to do with that dish and that head?” The answer to that is I have absolutely no idea, BUT remember the best rule of designing (pick things you like and they’ll eventually all go together)? It’ll come together. Someday.

Other gems:

cat(The tiny print says, “Your furry friends don’t want you to smoke. Your lung association doesn’t want you to smoke. That’s why this poster was created. We placed it here because we don’t want you to smoke either, especially here.”)



(So, when you’re stressed, CUDDLE A UNICORN!)



Some notes: 

1. Avoid the antique stores that look all fashionable and put-together (unless you’re looking to drop a good amount of money). If you walk in and it seems to go on for a miles and everything is covered in a sheet of fingerprinted-dust, you’re in the right place.

2. Make sure “Antique” is in the title. Flea markets on their own can be real hit or miss.

3. If you find something you really, really, really like, check to see if the price is reasonable by looking up the item on eBay.

4. Many of these stores have bans against large purses or tote bags, so be prepared to stow them in your trunks!



One thought on “The Nature of Antique Stores

  1. I also love making field trips to second hand stores. Not only nice antique shoppes, but also run down thrift stores, etc. It can be a productive writing exercise, too.

    Just taking a notebook and scribbling down all of the interesting words and images that you stumble upon will give you plenty to draw from, next time you’re stuck.

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