Good News

My little book, Swallow Tongue, was a semifinalist for the 2013 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award. Since my little book has never been a finalist of any designation, I was really humbled and excited to get the news. CO also does their contest a little differently as I wasn’t told S.T.’s status until after they had also announced the winner. I imagine it makes things a lot less stressful that I wasn’t told on the front end and then had to wait until the final winner was announced (and find out it wasn’t mine to win).

Either way, just getting a finalist nod from any contest, let alone such a big one, is a really great honor. It also means that maybe I should keep at it!

I also have another poem forthcoming from The Los Angeles Review. It’s now called “Wild Oats,” but was originally “The Sheep Child” and went through many, many incarnations until it made it to the prose poem that was finally accepted by two of my favorite editors in the world (you know who you are). 🙂

This is the third poem of mine to grace their pages. I’m making a really conscious decision this year to focus on building relationships with journals, and The Los Angeles Review is one I love.

Happy writing! 🙂

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