Heading off to Sewanee Writers’ Conference!

After some wonderful folks donated and a manuscript editing job came in for the exact amount I needed to cover the rest, all of the stars have aligned to make attending the 2015 Sewanee Writers’ Conference a possibility. I head down tomorrow morning as a Tennessee Williams Scholar. WOO HOO!

I’m super excited to spend 12 wonderful days attending workshops, lectures, and readings and meeting tons of other writers in all stages of their careers.

For all of you who have attended writing conferences/residencies before, any feedback, advice, suggestions for the newbie?

By the way, when I asked my Facebook friends what I should bring to wear to the conference, here were their ideas:

11745545_511873038963703_111658127444564431_n 11745961_511872918963715_2273012976266982596_n10500500_10207374116455207_8370188025743883841_n11225207_10207373649883543_3222956494953498477_nHilarious? Oh yes.

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