2016 Goal: Get Rejected More

For three years in a row around New Year’s Day, I wrote a list of writing goals. These kept me motivated and putting that info out into the world also made me feel held accountable. “Yes, I WILL write 50 poems this year because someone will know if I don’t!” 

I didn’t write out any goals for 2015. I’d hit a rut. Dealing with a lot of rejections for my book. Not writing as much. Then Sewanee and writing so much I didn’t care about goals. I wanted every word I wrote to be something. 2015 has been a good developmental year. 

Here are the numbers:

37~number of pages written in new novel 

23~number of new poems written 

21~number of rejections (4 for the book, the rest poems)

15~number of active submissions (5 for the book, the rest poems)

7~number of acceptances (all poems)

1~number of writers’ conferences attended

My goal for 2016 is simple: get at least 30 rejections. 

If I’m getting rejected, I’m sending work out. If I’m sending work out, I’m trying. 

I fantasize that I’ll also finish my novel, but I’m expecting those next 200+ pages may take longer than a year to finish. 

Let us all get rejected a lot this year, friends. Happy New Year! 

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