My chapbook for you!

Have you always wanted to purchase a copy of my chapbook, Philomela, but didn’t know how? YOU’RE IN LUCK! Copies are $10. Free shipping. I’ll sign it with my name and something Latin-y. You’ll be overjoyed to receive it. Comment below or email me at taramaemulroy at with your paypal e-mail address. 🙂


A Letter

Mother, he is a gentleman.
He is a builder with bricks of moonlight.
He knows the secret places of the earth.
He washes the sleep from the eyes of the souls.
He lets one look upon beauty.
He lets me tell him I hate him.
In the mornings, I gather berries and apples.
I scrubs his back with rind.
I weave spider-spit and eyelash.
He talks in his sleep pudding, fire, discus,
the things he misses.
He breathes, Your body is my orchard.
I am the undulating grass.
I am a field of wheat he parts with his fingers.
Poppies bloom in my veins.
When he kisses me, he tastes pomegranate.
The night crawls nearer.
The moans of the dead roll and swell.
Mother, we are well.