Thesis Rough Draft

Today I turn in the rough draft of my thesis. I’d like to say my rough draft has a firm thread through it and that it is shaping up to be a coherent manuscript, but it’s not at the moment. There’s a good thirty poems in there I feel pretty good about: either I already like them or I have an idea of how they could be revised more. The other twenty-five poems are there for kicks/filler. My thesis only needs to have 48 pages of poems, so I have at least seven poems I can kick out completely.

Right now, my title is Oral Lore, which I like for both its use of the word” oral” (since many of my poems include the word “mouth” or something mouth-related) as well as the folk aspect of lore and legends (since many of my poems have mythic characters or premises). We’ll see how this collection develops after a run through my thesis director’s ringer.

Wish me luck!