The Numbers: 2013

This is my third year of doing this post, and it’s helpful for me to assess where I need to go next.

Here are the numbers (in descending order):

110 submissions sent ~  65 for poetry, 26 for creative nonfiction, 12 for my manuscript Swallow Tongue, 6 for fiction, and 1 for my chapbook Philomela. 108 electronic, 2 postal. Down from 117 last year (but not by much!) .

86 rejections ~ 49 for poetry, 24 for creative nonfiction, 8 for my manuscript, and 5 for fiction. Up from 65 last year.

57 new pieces ~ 53 poems, 4 essays, and 0 short stories. Up from 28 last year.

9 acceptances ~ 4 poems, 4 essays, and 1 chapbook. Down from 15 last year.

2-3 hours per week ~ my average time drafting, revising, submitting, reading, and blogging. Down from 5-7 last year.

Conclusion: Statistically (based on dividing the number of acceptances by the number of rejections received), my chapbook odds at 100% (1/1), creative nonfiction at 17% (4/24), and poetry at 8% (4/49).  Fiction and my manuscript are at 0%.

Things I can do in 2014:

1. Keep up submitting, especially now that I’m throwing in a manuscript and several essays into the mix.

2. Keep up the faith.

3. Write

4. Submit.

5. Repeat.

Hope you all do your own numbers game and see where you stand. Let’s all be kinder to ourselves and others this year!